Skanzen Transylvania, 2022

Interactive exhibition solutions designed and developed for the new Transylvanian section of the Szentendre Open Air Museum (Skanzen), Hungary

Between 2020 and 2022, over an 18 month period, we carefully crafted 22 unique solutions that varied in size and complexity. Our work ranged from compact RFID-based interactions to massive room-sized flipdot displays. We aimed to strike a balance between creating an engaging user experience and effectively sharing information, all while making sure each solution stayed true to the context and content it was meant to show. Through ongoing conversations with the curators of each topic, we were able to progressively shape each idea to perfectly suit its respective medium.

Saxon Data flipdot

Saxon Farmstead

In the Saxon barn, visitors encounter a large flipdot display that delves into the history of the Saxons’ buyout. This unique display device, with its mechanical sound effects and stark black-and-white visuals, creates a compelling atmosphere that aptly conveys the significance of the subject matter.

Bartók Music Visualisation

House of the Keresztes family

At the House of the Keresztes family, a 3x3 screen wall provides an immersive music visualization experience. The display is set to the musical works of Béla Bartók’s concert that took place in Sepsiszentgyorgy in 1927. As the music plays, the visualization responds and morphs, creating a unique, abstract, audiovisual journey for the viewer. An additional screen displays details about the music currently playing.

Led chest coloring

Homorodalmas House

Interactive and engaging, our exhibit showcases traditional furniture painting through its characteristic bird and flower motifs. Visitors of all skill levels, from novices to experts, can engage in a creative collaboration. They can select from a variety of designs, add color to A5 paper sheets, and then scan their work. The final artistic creation is then projected onto a large LED chest, bringing their effort to life. The installation can be found in the Homoródalmás House.

Starry Sky

Freemason Lodge

We’ve recreated the celestial canvas that graces the sanctuary. The projection of the night sky and stars onto the ceiling amplifies the sanctity of the space. It provides an opportunity to showcase the symbolic constellation system that’s characteristic of the Masonic Lodge, enhancing the atmosphere and deepening the understanding of its unique traditions.