Herod's Temple, 2016

Explore the Physical and Virtual Model of the Second Temple in Jerusalem


In this interactive installation, visitors can navigate in Herod’s Temple using a gamepad.

The piece consists of a miniature model of the temple, with a projection on the model, and a screen which shows the virtual version of it. By using the attached gamepad, visitors can control a light-beam character projected on the model and simultaneously see its first-person view of the Temple on the screen.

Stories in 3D space

Using simple game logic, the ‘player’ is encouraged to explore the building and find markers at significant locations. By navigating to the markers, different stories and memories are recalled in connection with the Bible, such as The Widow’s Offering, The Birth of John the Baptist Foretold and The Boy Jesus at the Temple. The stories are short narrated animations focusing on the essence of each story.

A realtime hatching shader is used to give a neutral feeling to the whole environment, as we only have very little knowledge of its original attributes.